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Templates and Recipes

What are templates and recipes?

A template is a set of attributes and settings for listings on a specific sale channel which is used for quickly creating or editting product listings. In case you make changes to the template, it will automatically updated to your applied listings.
A recipe is a set of templates for a specific channel which is designed to save you even more time. A recipe may contain shipping template, category template, pricing template and more, depending on the channel type. It can be assigned to products quickly in Channel Product list UI. Once a product is applied with a Recipe, all templates inside that Recipe will be applied to the product.

If you apply a template or a recipe to multiple listings, changes made to the template will also be updated on all of the listings with the template applied.

How to create templates?

To manage or add new templates , go to Listing Templates and Recipes from the left sidebar menu.

On the left panel, you can see your integrated channels. Each has its own set of templates.

To add a new template, click on +Add new template on the right of the screen. Each of the templates will require you to add different information to complete. You can fill in the template name for easy reference later on.

For more detailed information, read our marketplace-specific guides:

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Default Templates

If you choose the template as default, it will be automatically applied every time you create new draft listings on that channel.

How to apply templates and recipes

To apply the templates you’ve made to your listings, navigate to your channel listings page, under the Listing section on the left sidebar menu. Select listings you want to apply templates or recipes by checking the boxes and click Apply a template. Next, select the template you want to apply and click Action.

Whenever you want to delete a template that you don’t want to use anymore. Go to Template and Recipe section, then hover on the listing you want to take action, click on the Bin icon next to Edit button to delete your listing.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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