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Use LitCommerce QuickGrid Features

What it LitCommerce QuickGrid?

LitCommerce QuickGrid is a spreadsheet-style interface that lets you view, edit and manage all listings on a single screen. It offers an alternative and more advanced way to quick-edit your listings.

With LitCommerce QuickGrid, editing the product (titles, descriptions, and other attributes) is easier than ever. You can effortlessly and promptly edit products individually or in filtered groups using a spreadsheet layout. Moreover, with LitCommerce Template & Recipe, the process of editing listings will be even more rapid when creating rules to bulk update products.

Easy-to-use spread-sheet style interface, allow much faster product editing.
Allow mass-apply Templates & Recipes, which are super fast and convenient.
Powerful products search & filter to edit individually or in filtered groups.

How to use the QuickGrid feature in LitCommerce?

To begin, follow the step-by-step instruction below:
First, look at the left sidebar menu and find the Listing section.
Click on your sale channel. All listings on this channel will appear on the screen.

Assume you’re already a paid user, simply click on the Multi Edit Mode. You will be redirected to the spreadsheet interface.

For the example below, all sale channel listings will be shown up on your multi-edit dashboard.

After activating Multi Edit Mode, the spreadsheet interface will show up on your dashboard with all your sale channel listings. Below the tab section, you will see many table rows that provide detailed information about your products such as Linked, Status, SKU, Title, Description, Title template, Quantity, Price, Price Template, Category, Category template, etc. Even Weight, Dimensions and Shipping Profile also showed up on the table.

In addition, many buttons are also shown up:
To expand the dashboard, click Fullscreen in the top left corner if wished.
To go back to the single edit page, click Single Edit Mode in the top left corner if wished.
To view/edit listing, click on the image of the item at the beginning of each row.


Each tab along the top represents a different connected sales channel, offering a separate configuration for each. Three tabs on the top of the table, which indicate:
Drafts: Items that are still draft on LitCommerce and not yet published to your sales channel.
Active: Items that are being active in your sales channel store.
Inactive: Items that are being inactive in your sales channel store.
Expired: Items that doesn't sell during four month, and isn't set up to automatically renew.
Sold out: Items that are for only one of it and you sold it.
Draft on Etsy: Items that are being draft in your sales channel store.


When you click the Column button, you can select to hide/show columns in the spreadsheet.

Bulk Edits with the litCommerce QuickGrid Multi Edit Tool

Edit Description

LitCommerce QuickGrid feature also allows you to edit listing descriptions. To do so, simply click on the Edit button below the Description cell.

Upon clicking Edit, a blank description box will pop up on the screen. This box supports HTML styling depending on the marketplace channel, so you can freely modify the description to suit your needs.

However, Etsy doesn’t permit HTML editing in this case, so LitCommerce informs you with a small message at the end. Click Save after you have finished editing as wished, or Cancel if you aren't satisfied with your content.

Apply Product Templates

Moreover, LitCommerce lets you apply templates or recipes directly to your products on the spreadsheet table. Simply click on your listings, then select the desired template.

Bulk Action

In the left column of LitCommerce QuickGrid, you will find a checkbox beside each individual product row. When ticked, the product is selected. QuickGrid Multi Edit is active as soon as two or more products are ticked.

Besides, with the Multi Edit Mode, you can apply action to multiple products simultaneously. Tick the listing boxes, then Select Action from the drop-down menu next to the channel icon.

Save and Publish

Once you are happy with the values you have selected for your sales channel listings, you can click the Save button to save changes you have made. Kindly note that the changes are only saved on LitCommerce when you click the Save button.

To update the changes to your online store, you can tick the checkbox beside each individual product row, then select the option to Update to sales channels store site.

Note: To use Multi-edit mode, you need to have a premium plan of LitCommerce. This feature is not available for the free plan. You can consider upgrading your plan from your LitCommerce dashboard to use that feature.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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