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Add Team Users & Set Permissions

User and Permissions

How can the user and permissions feature support ?

The User and Permissions feature will allow adding other users who administer your account with you. They have permissions depending on the authorizations given them by the owner’s account. You can customize the permissions that they have to your account. LitCommerce also lets the account owners prevent the users from accessing some certain features.

Add a new user

To do this, click on the profile name on the upper right corner of the main dashboard and choose Account.

Now you click on User and Permission, then choose Add new user.

To continue, fill in required information which is displayed on the screen.

User Permission

You can set full access for all users. However, LitCommerce allows you to provide the permissions which you want to other users.

Channels manage: It lets other users access to add/manage channels or editing listings.
Templates and Recipes: Once it is turned on, invited users are able to add/edit templates and recipes.
Orders: It allows other users to view/delete orders.

After that, click on Invite User from the bottom of the page. The users who are invited get an email to accept the invitation. In case they have not accepted the invitation yet, you can see the pending status on the screen.

When they accept your invitation, they have access to administer your account as you set before.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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