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Amazon Product Type listing errors

When listing products on Amazon, Amazon may return various error messages due to the various requirements of the marketplace when listing a product. However, please rest assured that we are willing to walk you through each step to list your products. Once a listing has been successfully published, you can use that template to list other listings easily.

When a listing encounters one of the following errors, the handling process is as follows:

Error 1:

This error can still be encountered even if the product type has already been selected

Error 2:

Amazon listing error

Error 3:

The customer is using GTIN to publish a product, but the GTIN is not yet available on Amazon Catalog.

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

1. Use the submit form on Amazon to submit the product ID on Amazon seller center Catalog.

When Amazon’s catalog doesn’t contain your product, you’ll need to add it to get an ASIN.

Here are 2 common ways to create a new ASIN:

Using Amazon’s admin panel

The very basic way to add products to Amazon is by using the Add a product in your Amazon Seller Central account. From here, you can add each piece of product information manually through Amazon’s web-based admin panel.

This is an excellent way to learn Amazon’s product addition process and data requirements. However, this is not an utmost way for adding a large number of products.

Using Amazon inventory templates

Amazon file templates can be used to upload product data. First, you must collect a category-specific file template from Amazon. These can be found in the Add products via upload section of your Amazon Seller Central account.

After you’ve completed the file temple, you can upload it to Amazon. Amazon will review the file, create new products, and assign ASINs to them.

This method is excellent for quickly adding a large number of products. On the other hand, it requires Excel file knowledge and lacks automation.

2. Using GTIN exemption

If you use GTIN exemption to list, please contact us and provide the Category + confirmation from Amazon's side so that we can configure the LitCommercce account for you. After that, fill in the complete browser node, select the product type, and provide other necessary information to publish the product on Amazon.

There are cases where you have already selected the product type, but you still receive an error message stating "missing product type." Please note that if you only provide the product type without providing any additional optional fields to supplement the information for the listing, Amazon will ignore that product type. In this case, you need to provide additional information for that listing to increase the chances of Amazon approving the product.

You can take a look at our Docs at: How to list products on Amazon.

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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