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How to find Amazon Browse Nodes IDs for your products

About Amazon Node ID

Numeric codes known as browse node IDs play a crucial role in identifying specific product categories within Amazon's vast marketplace. With over 30,000 distinct product categories, each one is distinguished by a unique Node ID, also referred to as Browse Nodes.

Finding the appropriate Node ID can prove invaluable if you intend to list a product on Amazon that hasn't been associated with an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) yet.

However, if your product already has an ASIN, which serves as Amazon's internal Unique Product Identifier, the Node ID you assign to your Amazon listing becomes relatively insignificant.

According to Amazon, browse node IDs are positive integers that provide a distinct identification for product sets. For instance, Literature & Fiction: (17), Medicine: (13996), Mystery & Thrillers: (18), Nonfiction: (53), Outdoors & Nature: (290060). Amazon employs thousands of browse node IDs. While the top-level browse node values tend to remain constant, the values of other browse nodes frequently change. Browse nodes can be created or eliminated without prior notification.

Please bear in mind that node IDs are unique within a specific Amazon locale (such as,,, and so on). The same Node ID might be used in two or more Amazon locales, but the names and purposes of those nodes can differ and hold no relation to one another.

Locating Node IDs

Access the product classifier tool, which is available to logged-in Amazon sellers, using the following link:

Utilize the category tree within the tool to navigate and locate the desired category for the product or group of products you intend to publish. As an example, let's consider the category path: Toys & Games > Arts & Crafts > Easels.

Once you've identified the appropriate category, click on "Select".

Examine the URL displayed in your browser's address bar. Look for the section "&recommendedBrowseNodeId=xxxxxx". In our example, the code "3741281" represents the node ID specific to your chosen category. For example: the Url looks like[…]s&recommendedBrowseNodeId=3741281&ref_=xx_catadd_dnav_xx

This identified code is the node ID you are seeking for your products.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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