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How to use the Category Template to List Products on Walmart

How to publish single products on Walmart

When you import a product from Mainstore to Walmart, you will need to provide some product information before listing it on Walmart.
Each product on Walmart needs to belong to a category. Select a suitable category from the dropdown list.

Category dropdown list

The list of attributes for the selected category will be displayed. You can map the product values or enter the information directly. You don't need to provide all the attributes, but having more attributes for a product will help Walmart's system evaluate it accurately and reach more customers.

How to publish variant products on Walmart

There’s a note for variant products. To publish them, you need to follow the instructions below.
A category template for Walmart channel needs to be created. Click on “**Category Template**“, then choose “**Variant Attribute Name**” on Walmart which corresponds with Mainstore.

Then scroll down to find attribute values which map with attribute name accordingly on the Mainstore.

For example, on Walmart you want to get "**frame color**" and "size" as variant attributes. On the mainstore, color and size are 2 attribute values. In “Variant Attribute Names“ you choose frame color and size. Now map them by selecting the color attribute for frame color and size attribute for size.

After the template is created, apply it for the listing. In that time, the template will be applied for all variations of the product.

Click “Publish on Walmart” to activate it on Walmart.


How to choose the correct category?

Walmart has over 250 attribute optimizations and definitions across all 77 categories. You can refer to Item Categorization Guide more information for guidance.

I want to add attributes that are not available in the category template. What should I do?

If you want to add item information that is not available in the category template, you need to add it in the Additional Product Attributes field. When adding these attributes, use camelCase for attribute name, which means separating words with a single capitalized letter.
For example, if you want to add "Recommend Room" and "Eco Friendly," you can fill them in as shown in the image.

How many items can a variant group have?

Having too many items in a variant group can make it difficult for customers to find the specific product they need. We suggest having fewer than 50 items for a variant group with variations based on a single attribute, such as 50 colors. And 500 items for variant groups with variations based on multiple attributes, for example, 25 sizes and 20 colors.

A variant group cannot exceed 1000 variations. If your product exceeds 1000 variations, the Walmart system will display an error message: "Each variant group ID can only show up to 1,000 items on site. Please ensure your group has a maximum of 999 items."

Do I need to create a variant group ID and a primary variant for each variant group?

The LitCommerce system will automatically handle this for you. When a product is listed from the Mainstore to the Walmart channel, a group ID will be generated, and the item with the lowest price within your variant group will be selected as the primary variant.

Why are my variant products merged/split with other products?

The Walmart system combines similar items sold by different suppliers, DSVs, or sellers to appear on the same product page on Walmart.
If your item is also sold by others, Walmart uses the Busy Box scoring system to display the items from others on one page. Variation items may not always appear in the same variant group, but they can still be purchased by customers.
Variant product are listed from LitCommerce:

The variants of the product are separated into individual products. The item with the highest rating among sellers will be displayed by default. Buyers can still choose items from other sellers.

If you create a variant group that contains items sold by another Warehouse Supplier, DSV or Seller, your two groups will be merged to appear on the same item page.

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Updated on: 02/12/2023

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