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List Products on eBay

After successfully connecting to your Main Store and sale channels, LitCommerce will automatically import products from your main store website to the “All products” tab. In this article, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to list your products on eBay.

1 - Select products

First of all, you need to create a new draft listing. Please look at the left sidebar menu and navigate to All products.

Now, tick the corresponding checkbox in front of the products you want to list on eBay and select action List products on Channel.

A popup will appear, please choose eBay and click Add as draft now.

All product data will be copied into draft listings, and from that point, listings data will be maintained separately from the original main store products.
Price, Inventory modification can be automatically applied to listings if configured in Channels settings.
Other field modifications can be automatically applied to listings using Default Templates

After that, there is a notification that Products have been added to the Draft section in the channel. You can go to the tab Draft on the eBay channel on LitCommerce to find the new listing.

At this step, the listing has not been published in your eBay store yet. Now it’s time to customize your listing information before going live.


When a user adds a draft listing for a channel for the first time, they will see the "Add default template" pop-up window appearing. This is specifically shown only during the initial addition of draft listings. It does not display all templates associated with the channel but only shows the required templates, typically the Category template and Shipping template. The purpose is to assist users in conveniently adding templates to apply information to multiple listings at once.

The templates, once added in this step, will automatically become the default templates and can only be added once using this method.

Users have the option to choose SKIP to bypass the process, and even if SKIP is selected, the pop-up will not appear again when adding listings for the second time.

2 - Edit draft listings

Please navigate to the left sidebar menu, and find your eBay channel.

If you want to edit your listings in Single Edit Mode, you can click on the listing title. An editing page will appear on the screen, including these tabs: Product Identifiers, Title & Description, Image, Pricing, Category, Shipping, Payment & Return, and Business Policies.

Before publishing your listing to the eBay site, you’ll need to fill in the missing information (which eBay requires but does not exist on product information on the main store yet). There will be an error message along with a red warning symbol (!) to let you know which tab is missing information. The required field will have a red asterisk symbol (*) next to it.

You can go to each tab to enter the information that you want to include in your listing, and make sure that all required fields are filled in. Ebay will has a specific set of required fields for each Category. After choosing the category, the required fields will be showing in the category tab.


Every product on eBay needs to be assigned to a specific category. When you click on the Category tab, LitCommerce will help you find a suggested category from the eBay system. The auto-suggest category function can save you a lot of time searching for a category from the eBay dropdown. However, if you prefer to manually look for another category, you can always search or browse for a different category on eBay to assign to your products.

Shipping, Payment & Return, and Business Policies

For the information in the Shipping and Payment & Return tab, it is required to have such information entered. You can choose to enter information to those two tab, or use the Business Policies instead. If business policies are applied to a listing, all payment, shipping, and return policy settings in these policies will override any other payment, shipping, or return policy in the Shipping and Payment & Return tab. Consequently, the two tabs will be grayed out on LitCommerce accordingly.

If you want to switch back to use the Shipping and Payment & Return tab instead, please make sure to remove all values in the Business Policies tab.

In case that you adjust the images on your Main Store, and would like to load to LitCommerce and publish to eBay, you can go to IMAGE tab and click to LOAD IMAGES FROM MAIN STORE and click to Save & Publish to update to the listing on the marketplace.

In case you want to edit listings in Multi-Edit Mode, you can use our Quick Grid feature, which is quicker and easier to use than manual editing.
Please find more details about LitCommerce QuickGrid Features here.

Please note that LitCommerce QuickGrid is only available for premium plans. Once you can access to this feature, you can edit listings in bulk to save you even more time and effort.

LitCommerce also allows you to use eBay templates and recipes to edit multiple listings at once. Please find more information on how to create eBay templates & recipes here.
If you already have an eBay template/recipe, select the listings you want to apply, then click the box Apply a Template and choose the appropriate option.

3 - Publish listings

To publish a new listing to the eBay store, you can choose one of the following ways:
To publish one listing, click Save & Publish to eBay inside the listing editting page.
To publish multiple listings, select the listings you want to publish to the eBay store, and choose action Publish to eBay.

Then, your listing will be transferred from the Draft tab to the Active tab correspondingly.

To save all your changes to the listing, look at the bottom right corner and click on one of the buttons below:
Save & Publish - Save and publish all your changes immediately on eBay.
Save & Close - Your listing will be saved as a draft on Litcommerce with all your changes.
Save Change - Save your changes but stay on the page to continue editing.

If you happen to save without publishing your change, you can still go live with all those changes later. Simply navigate to the Active box on your eBay listing page, select your listings then select action Update to eBay.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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