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Understand the Listing Page on LitCommerce

This article will explain the function of buttons on the LitCommerce Listing page. Before starting, make sure that you’ve connected your sales channel with LitCommerce.

What is a Listing Page?

The LitCommerce Listing Page allows you to manage product listing information on your online sales channels like Etsy, eBay, Walmart, and more. The page provides users with a comprehensive view of the product listings.
To go to the Listing page of a sales channel, please click on the corresponding sales channel name on the left-side dashboard.

Listing Page Structure

Channel name section

The Channel Name section refers to the chosen name of your Litcommerce sales channel. This name is only used within the Litcommerce platform and is not visible on your sales channel site.

X/3 done button (Step-by-step guide) provides you with an indication of the current progress of your sales channel setup on LitCommerce. Please click on the button X/3 done to see the details about the process.

Step 1 - List your first product: This initial step allows you to select your starting point. You can find more information about List products on channel here. Please click on the option that matches your case, there will be button(s) along with instructions at the dropdown so you can proceed with importing items.

Step 2 - Enable price sync and inventory sync: After clicking on the button, it will move to the Channel setting page where you can enable price sync and inventory sync. Please refer to Price sync and Inventory sync for more information.
Step 3 - Enable and monitor Order Sync: After clicking on the button, it will move to the Channel setting page where you can enable order sync and import orders from channel to the main store automatically. Please refer to Order sync for more information.

Manage sync features section

This section allows you to quick-check the status of the synchronization features of the opening Sales Channel. However, to enable/disable any sync features or adjust the sync rules, please go to the sales channel settings page by clicking on button Channel settings.

Import from channel

Button Import from channel allows you to import existing products on your channel stores to Litcommerce. On the import page:

If you choose Yes, auto-link, our tool will import existing products from your channel store to our tool and automatically link them with products on the main store if they have the same SKU/ UPC/ title.
Re-import deleted products: If you deleted a product from this channel on LitCommerce before and want to reimport it to our tool, please choose Yes.
If you notice that the number of products on our tool does not match the number on your online store after Import from channel, you may consider re-importing deleted products. The product may have been deleted from our tool previously.

Apply specific filter: This option is available for several sales channels at the moment, and the filters are also different between different sales channels. In general, this option allows you to import specific products instead of all products from your online store.

Listing templates/recipes

After clicking on this button, it will move to the Listing Templates & Recipes page of that channel on the Templates & Recipes tab.

Searching section

The Searching section is specifically designed to enhance your search experience on LitCommerce.

You can search for product listings using various filters: product name, product SKU, and Link Status (Link/Unlink/Has unlinked variants). Once you enter the product name/SKU or choose a Link status, please click on the Search button. To remove the search results, you can simply click on the Clear button.

Sort by: This option allows you to sort products on the sales channel by several different conditions.

More Filter: allows you to perform a more refined search of your listings on LitCommerce. You can sort products by Quantity, Price, Sync Error, Product Format, and Templates.

Please click on the condition you want to sort by, then enter the condition detail in the dropdown fields. After that, click Apply filter.

Product status section

Your listings are divided into separate tabs based on their status.

Draft: When listing a product from your main store to the sales channel, it will initially appear in the Draft tab. The draft listing has not appeared on your online store yet. Please fill in all required data before Publishing listings to your live sales channel store.

Error: This tab includes listings that have encountered an error, including both not-published and published listings. To view the details of the error, you can click on the listing title, or hover over icon to see a brief summary of the error.

Active: When you publish a listing successfully from the main store to the sales channel store through our tool, the listing will be moved to the Active tab. If you have active listings on the sales channel store and import them to LitCommerce app, they will also be on tab Active.

Other statuses such as Inactive, Sold out, End, Failed, etc. will be different between different sales channels, and they are the same as the product status on your store site. For example, a listing that is Failed on Litcommerce is also on the tab Failed on the TikTok shop.

Actions and Display section

Apply a template: This allows you to apply the templates you've created for listings. You can apply a template to one or multiple listings each time. After you choose the template, it will be applied immediately to the listing(s) you select.

Select action: You can choose actions to proceed with the listing. There are usually actions for listings on Litcommerce, listing on the online store, and product on the main store. Once you choose an action, it will be processed immediately to the listing(s) you select.

Delete: This button allows you to delete a listing from that channel on Litcommerce. Please note that when you select a listing and click Delete, it will only be removed from that channel on Litcommerce but still exist on the main store and channel store site.

Delete all draft listing: You can also choose to delele all listing data in the Draft tab and Error tab on the channel if you want to clear the section. Simple leave the listings unchecked and click on Select Action: Delete All Draft Listing

Clicking on Grid icon, you can switch to Grid Style

Clicking on Row icon, your listings will be displayed in row style.

Columns: allows you to customize the columns displayed in the listing section. You can choose to show or hide columns such as Status, Title, SKU, Quantity, Price, Category, Section,...

Usually, when you open the Listing page, it will display in the Single edit mode. If you want to bulk-edit listing information, you may consider switching to Multi-edit mode by clicking on the button Multi edit mode. Please find more details about this feature here.

You can also check which channel a product on the All products section is linked to by hovering to the "Listings" column. When a product is linked to two channels on the same marketplace, there will be two icons of that marketplace displayed in the "listings" column, with each icon representing a channel. On those icons, there will be two colored lines at the bottom to differentiate the two channels, and you can hover over each icon to see the name of that channel in the litCommerce system.

Rows per page: The "Rows per Page" function allows you to select the number of listings displayed in rows on a page. Currently, LitCommerce supports displaying 25, 50, and up to 100 rows per page.

Page: When click on icon ⏷, a dropdown with page numbers will show up for you to select. Clicking on icon ˃ will take you to the next page.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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