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Step 4: Link Listings to Products & Create on Main Store

What is linking?

Each listing on your marketplace channels must be linked to a matching product in your LitCommerce product catalog in order for the system to update price, quantity and other product informations accurately. Linking enables data to flow from LitCommerce to your listings and ensure that your channels are always filled with the most up-to-date data and other critical information.

One product in the LitCommerce product catalog can be linked to multiple listings on different selling channels. The chain icon next to the listing’s image indicates the linking status if that listing. A blue dot means the listing is linked to a product, while a red dot means there’s no product linked to this listing and price or quantity will not be automatically updated.

For instance, your Product with SKU “5GJLY” is linked to live listings on Amazon, eBay and BigCommerce. If one of these products sells on BigCommerce, LitCommrece will update the inventory quantities on Amazon and eBay.

Moreover, linking listings to their source products allows LitCommerce to know which channel that the product is currently listed on. This helps keep track of where all your Products are selling when you look at the All products page from the sidebar menu.

You can link listings to products when running a listing import for the first time. When you import listings from marketplace channels to LitCommerce, select the option to Build products from these imported listings. LitCommerce will create products with the information retrieved from the listings (image, title, etc.) and automatically link listings to the created products.

It’s a good idea to set up your product linking when importing your product for the first time if you’ve already had the product’s SKUs match across all sell channels.

Choosing this option enables LitCommerce to use your product information (SKUs, Title, Description…) to automatically build your product and also, create all the linking between your listings and inventory.

Your Listing’s SKUs will be retrieved by Auto-Build, which will automatically connect your Listings to the newly created Products. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about product linking anymore.

If your SKU numbers don’t match across your channels, or the listing is missing an SKU, you’ll need to manually create the linking yourself.

The following are some potential root causes of this issue:
The product SKU numbers are mismatched between channels.
Your product listing is missing some SKUs.

If you are in these cases, then you’ll have to manually create the linking for these products:
Simply hover above the red unlinked icon and choose Link to a Product.
Then, type the SKU of the product you wished to link to in the field.
Select the product when it appears on the screen.
A notification will appear when the link listing is completed.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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