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Step 5: Set up Inventory Sync & Inventory Rules

Inventory Synchronization

With inventory sync turned on, LitCommerce will automatically update the inventory quantity on your sales channels to match with the quantity in your LitCommerce central catalog. Every time there is a new order on your channels, the inventory quantity will decrease according to the amount ordered and will be updated on all selling channels. This way you can always display the correct quantity for every product to avoid overselling.

However, you should note that the synchronization doesn’t work the other way around. If you update the inventory quantity directly on the sales channels, the changes will not appear in your LitCommerce account.

You cannot make changes to the quantity in your LitCommerce central catalog as well. If you want to modify the quantity, please go to your Main store account and adjust the quantity there. After that, LitCommerce will update in the central catalog to match with the quantity in your Main store catalog.

In order for the synchronization to work properly, your listings must be linked to an existing product in the LitCommerce central catalog. See how to link your products.

How to enable inventory sync

You can enable inventory sync individually for each channel. To enable inventory sync, go to your channel under the Listing section, and then click Channel settings on the top right corner.

Scroll down to the Inventory section. Click on the switch next to Inventory Sync to turn on this feature.

After that, click on Save Settings from the bottom of the page to save any changes you’ve just made. And you’re ready to go!

How to set inventory rules

You can set rules for inventory quantity on each channel. Rules let you decide how you want to set the quantity for listings on the channel. Inventory rule settings are on the same page as price rules. Scroll down further and you can find it in the “**Inventory**” section. Each channel allows you to set 3 inventory rules:

Quantity: This rule lets you send only a certain percentage of current in-stock items to your marketplace channel.
Maximum Quantity: This rule allows you to set the maximum quantity displayed on a channel.  This is a useful technique to create scarcity in your listings, hide how many you actually have from other sellers, and get around some channels’ selling limits such as eBay.
Minimum Quantity: Setting a minimum number means that LitCommerce will display a minimum of X units no matter how many products you have in your central catalog. For example, if your available quantity drops to 0, but you have a minimum quantity rule of 5, LitCommerce will preserve your listing quantity at 5.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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