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Step 7: Setting Up Order sync

To do this, go to your sales channel from the left sidebar menu, under the Listing section. Click on Channel settings in the top right corner, then scroll down to the bottom and click on the button next to Import Orders to the eCommerce platform.

Note: If you want to enable Import Orders to eCommerce platform, please enable Inventory sync first. If Inventory sync is turned on, LitCommerce will “pull” orders from your sales channels to the app. Only then can the orders be imported to your eCommerce platform.

There are 5 main tabs in the order page: All, Open, Completed, Ready to ship and Unlinked. In case you have thousands of orders need to be fullfilled, these tab will help you clarify the order status on each statement. For example, Ready to Ship tab indicates that customer’s order is fully packed and ready to ship.

Also, on each tab, there are some information you should take a look:
Link status: Once your products and listings are linked together, the process of managing orders from every channel will be more effective. LitCommerce helps import linked orders into your eCommerce platform and also update inventory counts between sales channels.
Status: Order status helps you decide what actions need to be taken on a particular order such as whether the order needed to be packed or shipped.
Channel shows you where the orders come from.
Other general information like: Channel order, Item SKU - name, Buyer info, date and time and so on.

However, you might meet some errors due to the unlinked order status. Unlinked orders happen when some products from your Channel are not linked to your eCommerce platform. Hence, LitCommerce can’t import those orders from your Channel into your eCommerce platform, and the inventory management will be inaccurate.
To solve this, please check on the order detail to see the unlinked products.

(*) The order is missing item name, inventory SKU

With the unlinked order, there will be a notification tells you that Some products in your order are unlinked. Please create linking for those products, then click the SYNC ORDER button. Hence, you sure need to follow the instruction below:

Go to All Products, looking for the correct item with the SKU, then copy it.
Open the eBay channel from the left-side bar menu, finding and edit the exact item.
Inside the listing details page, an unlinked listing will show a red “unlinked” icon.

Just point to the red link icon, and choose Link to a Product.

After that, locate the product you want to link to. Simply type in the SKU and the item you’re looking for will appear, click Select, and a notification Link completed will appear.
Exit the edit page, click on Channel Settings at the top right corner of the screen, scroll down turn on the Order Sync function.
Now, reload the order page, the red link icon will turn to blue. Now, your order is successfully linked.

When products are linked correctly, click Publish/Update button to clear the order’s unlink status.

Manage and fulfill orders from your Web store

To fulfill all orders, please go to the Orders section on your main web store on Shopify/ WooCommerce/ etc. There you can apply current order fulfillment methods that are integrated into your Web store.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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