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Step 3: Import Products & Listings to LitCommerce

Use Case 1: I have products on my eCommerce platform, now I want to list them on my other channels and enable sync

In this case, if you’re running an eCommerce platform and want to expand your business to other selling channels, then you need to integrate them together for easy sales management.
This guide will show you how to list and sell products quickly and easily.

1 - Select products

First of all, you need to create a new draft listing. Please look at the left sidebar menu and navigate to All products.

Now, simply tick the corresponding checkbox next to the products you want to list on Etsy, Select Action List products to channels.

In case you want to list all products from this All products section to a channel, please click to Select Action without selecting any specific products, then click to List All Products to Channels.

Then select the channel that you would like to list those products to.

Your products will be created as Drafts on the channel on LitCommerce. You can go to that channel to continue to edit/provide required information to your listings to your liking before going live.

2 - Edit draft listings

LitCommerce allows you to use the channel templates and recipes to edit multiple listings at once:
Navigate from the left sidebar menu, go through the Listing section and find your channel.
Choose the templates you want to apply, then tick the checkboxes and click Apply a template.
If you want to edit your listings in Simple Mode, you can click on the listing title. An editing page will appear on the screen with 4 tabs including Vital Info, Image, Pricing, Category, Shipping and Personalization.

In case wanting to edit listings in Multi-edit Mode, you can use our Quick Grid feature, which is quicker and easier to use than manual editing.

Please keep in mind that, LitCommerce QuickGrid is only available for premium plans. Once you have access to this feature, you can edit listings in bulk to save you even more time and effort.

To save all your changes to the listing, look at the bottom right corner and click on one of the buttons below:
Save & Publish - Save and publish all your changes immediately on your actual store on marketplace.
Save & Close - Your listing will be saved as a draft with all your changes.
Save Change - Save your changes but stay on the page to continue editing.
If you happen to save without publishing your change, you can still go live with all those changes later. Simply navigate to the Active tab on your channel listing page, select your listings then click Update to channel from Select Action.

3 - Publish listings

Once you have finished editing your listings, you can choose Active listing from the Select Action list to publish it on Etsy. Your listing will be transferred from the Draft tab to the Active tab correspondingly.

Note: With LitCommerce, you can also publish your listings inside the edit page once you’ve finished editing.

Use Case 2: I have products on Sales channels, and now I want to import them into my eCommerce platform and enable sync

Import listings from your sales channel

Once you have successfully connected your channels, next thing you need to do is importing listings from your sales channel into LitCommerce dashboard.

From the left-side bar menu, choose your sales channel. From here, click on Import from Etsy (for example).

On the importing page, you’re allowed to automatically create your listings on Source store which means your eCommerce platform. Once you’ve clicked on the button, LitCommerce will import all listings from the sales channel and list them on your connected eCommerce platform.

In case you prefer to choose some specific listings you want to create on your eCommerce platform, keep scroll down for more details.

Create products on your eCommerce platform manually

From the LitCommerce’s dashboard, choose Etsy on the left side-bar menu.

Follow our instructions below:
Choose the listings you want to list on the eCommerce platform.
Click Create on BigCommerce (or Shopify, Wix, etc. depending on the eCommerce platform you’re using).
The new product listing will be created immediately on your primary store and loaded into the LitCommerce product catalog.

Import newly added listing on Channel

When you have newly added listing on Channel and want to import them into LitCommerce, click on Import from Etsy (for example) and re-import again. It will auto import new listings into LitCommerce.

Use Case 3: I have the same products on both my eCommerce platform and my Sales Channel, I want to link them and enable sync

Import products from both eCommerce platform and sales channel.

Once you finished connecting your sales channel, LitCommerce will automatically import all products from your eCommerce platform (i.e Shopify).

However, in case you have products already listed on the sales channel, you can also import those listings on LitCommerce dashboard. This will assist you in syncing and managing all products you have from every sales channels.

From the Etsy listings page, click on the Import from Etsy button to start pulling your listings onto LitCommerce dashboard.

On the importing page, you’re allowed to automatically create your listings on Source store which means your eCommerce platform. Once you’ve clicked on the button, LitCommerce will import all listings from the sales channel and list them on your connected eCommerce platform.

Now, all your products and listings from every sales channel will be imported onto LitCommerce dashboard for syncing and managing.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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