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Step 6: Set up Price Sync & Pricing Rules

The Price Sync feature will update the price of all listings on your channels according to the price of products in the LitCommerce catalog. You can activate Price Sync individually for each sales channel. Once activated, LitCommerce will begin updating the price of all listings on that channel with the price of linked products in your catalog. The price will also be automatically synced when you create a new listing on that channel.

Note that Price Sync only update the price from your main store to channels. If you update your listing price manually on your marketplace account, LitCommerce will not reflect the change in the system and thus the new price will not be updated on any channel.

Price Sync only works if the listing is linked to a product in your central catalog.

How to enable Price Sync

To activate Price Sync, go to your channel under the Listing section on the left sidebar menu. Click on Channel Settings on the top right corner, and scroll down to the Pricing section.

Turn on the button, and LitCommerce will help you sync product's price for your sales channel.

Pricing rules

You can set the price rules for all products on each channel to help you control how the price are shown. Price rules work by taking the initial price or quantity from your central catalog and applying the formula set by you, before pushing out to all listings on a particular sales channel. For example, you can increase the price of all products on Etsy by $2, or decrease the available quantity for all products on eBay by 10.

You can choose to increase or decrease your product price by a fixed amount ($), or a percentage (%).

Note: You can use the Price Rules feature for currency conversion if you’re selling overseas. To convert the currency, go to and search for the current exchange rate from your Main store currency to the currency of your sales channel.

If the rate is greater than 1, then substract 1 from the rate and multiply the result by 100. Choose Increase in the first box.
If the rate is smaller than 1, then substract the rate from 1 and multiply the result by 100. Choose Decrease in the first box.

Enter the result in the Price Adjustment section and set the unit to Percent (%).

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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