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Listing Details Template

The Listing Details is needed to publish a product to Amazon. Our tool provides a Listing Details template which helps you apply for multiple products at once. Please note that if a product has variations, it’s necessary to create a Listing Details Template for it.

How to create Listing Details Template on LitCommerce

Firstly, you can set a name for the Listing Details Template which helps you to find it easily. If you choose the template as default, it will automatically be applied when you create new Amazon listings.

The first section of the The Listing Details Template is the category section which is optional (Note: this is only supported in US, FR, DE, GB, IT, ES, IN markets)

You can click and choose the suitable category for your products.
Next, you need to move to “ Product Type “ which is the required part. To set up “ product type” by typing in your option in the search box and choosing product type for your Amazon listing.

Then choosing Product Type, you can see the variant theme. Please note that it is
required when creating variant products. Variant theme is the attributes of the variations on Amazon. The theme variant which has the character "-" in the middle means that when publishing the listing to Amazon, it will have 2 attributes.

After selecting the variant theme, the corresponding attributes will be displayed, you need to be mapped with the variant's attributes.

For example, the variant has 2 options which are Color and Size. In addition, the variant-theme is chosen as Stylename and Size. Therefore, you can map them as the below image

After that you scroll down and continue mapping the remaining attributes if there are any of them required.

Finally, click Save when you are done and apply the template for your listings.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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