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How to sell on Amazon - What are ASIN's?

ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) are unique eight-digit product codes, and each product has an ASIN of its own. More about ASINs, they are generated by Amazon when the marketplace first creates a new Amazon Product Page to complete with new listing information.

The rationale behind ASINs is to help buyers find the products they're looking for. In other words, the ASIN is used to link a seller's offer to the existing product page for that product. Specifically, Amazon maintains a single product page for each unique product. This page includes shared "listing" information available to all sellers of that product. Notably, to sell on Amazon, sellers are required to add their offer details, such as price, inventory quantity, and shipping terms, to the product page.

By consolidating all seller offers and customer reviews in one place, Amazon makes it easy for customers to find complete product information and connect with multiple sellers from a unified product page.

When selling on Amazon, you are either

Making your own “Offer” to sell an existing Amazon product: In this case, you must use the existing ASIN and product page of it;
Selling an entirely new product on Amazon: On the contrary, you are required to upload the compulsory Listing information for Amazon to create a new Amazon Product Page and ASIN. The uploaded information should contain images, titles, descriptions, and UPC or EAN data. In addition, unique offer details on price, inventory quantity, and shipping terms are essential.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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