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How to sell on Amazon - The Difference between Offers and Listings

Undoubtedly, selling on Amazon can be incredibly rewarding. But first, you must understand how selling on the marketplace differs from your online store.
Given the context you want to sell "Super Sounds" branded headphones through your Shopify-based store, you need to have a listing containing relevant product details. These include product title and description, images, pricing, inventory level, and fulfillment options. Combing all the listed factors, you have managed to create a product listing and gained complete control over its content.

Nonetheless, selling on Amazon is a bit different. As you go live on Amazon, you have the option to list your product under an existing product page that is already being sold by other sellers. This means multiple sellers can offer the same product under a single, shared product listing page on Amazon.
As an online seller, you can find similar product information on both your online store and Amazon product pages. However, the structure of the content on these pages is different. Accordingly, sellers don't have the same control over the content on Amazon pages.

An Amazon Product Page is divided into two parts:
Listing: This part contains the title, description, images, videos, and product identifier, including UPC or EAN. Moreover, it is a shared content for all Amazon sellers.
Offer: The second part refers to pricing, inventory quantity, and fulfillment options. Each seller will have their unique settings in terms of Offer.

Each individual product on Amazon has a sole product listing page with one specific set of listing values, but it can have several sellers offering the same product with distinct offer values.

Pleading our case of the 'Super Sounds' headphones, if they are already available on Amazon with an existing product page and listing, a seller must submit their 'Offer' information to Amazon to initiate selling.

On the contrary, should a seller be the first one to sell the 'Super Sounds' headphones on Amazon, which means there is no product page available, they need to upload both 'Listing' information and 'Offer' information to create a new product page and listing to commence selling. In detail, sellers can upload Listing and Offer information for Amazon product pages via the sellers' individual Amazon Seller Central accounts.

As a seller, we have complete control over our 'Offer' information and can modify it whenever necessary. For instance, it is achievable if we want to adjust the price, update the available inventory count, or change our fulfillment options.

However, Amazon is in charge of the 'Listing' content, which includes the product image, title, and description displayed on the Product Page. Although we can update this information in our Seller Central account, Amazon ultimately decides what information to show on the product page. Revealing more, this sales channel only selects the best listing content from all the Seller Central accounts available.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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