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eBay Strike-Through Pricing

Merchants on eBay can utilize the Strike-Through Pricing feature to inform buyers that their listed items have been reduced in price. This feature entails the use of a line that is "striking" the item's original price, indicating a discount. The listing will display the amount of money saved, alongside a new Buy It Now price for the item.

Enabling Strike-Through Pricing

Before turning on Strike-Through Pricing in LitCommerce, you must get approved by eBay to participate in eBay’s Strike-Through Pricing Program.

When Strike-Through Pricing is ready to be enabled and you have received eBay's approval, please go to the Channel Settings tab of your eBay account in LitCommerce and switch it to ON.

LitCommerce will utilize the Price values entered in your products as the OriginalRetailPrice in eBay, which will be stricken-through once Strike-Through Pricing is enabled. Furthermore, the Sale Price values entered in your products will appear as the "Buy It Now Price" price in eBay.

Then, your new discounted price will appear on the products on your eBay store.

Turning OFF Strike-Through Pricing in LitCommerce will NOT remove Strike-Through Pricing from your listings. Even if you have an Price values input for your items, all new listings published after you disable strike-through pricing will simply not have a strike-through price applied.
STP is available on the US, eBay Motors, UK, Germany, Canada (English and French), France, Italy, Spain, and Ireland sites.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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