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Walmart Shipping Template

In this article, we would like to introduce the information needed to create a Shipping template for Walmart US.

Fulfillment Lag Time

You can set the delay time between the date an item is ordered (order) and when it is shipped (shipping). To request more than 2 day Lag Time, please create a Support Case for Support Partner by choosing Items and Inventory > Request exemption > Lag time exemption request.
*Fulfillment Lag Time is not a required field. You can leave it blank.

Shipping template on Walmart

You can configure multiple profiles, each configuration has the information about expected delivery time, shipping carrier, shipping cost, etc, to help buyers understand the shipping service you offer throughout the US.
To configure shipping template in Seller center, please follow the steps below:
Select the Settings button in the top navigation bar and choose Shipping Templates located under the Shipping Profile heading.

Choose from the four types of Shipping Templates: Default, Custom, Paid Standard and Freight.

To understand more about configurations, please take a look at:

Fulfillment center on Walmart

You can configure fulfillment Centers to provide locations to estimate the delivery time. Please configure Seller-managed fulfillment center: where you control products directly or Walmart fulfillment partner: which is a warehouse connected to a third party to manage shipments.
To set up your Fulfillment Centers, navigate to Seller Center, select the Settings icon in the top navigation, and under Shipping Profile, select Seller Fulfillment.

For further information about this, please refer to this link at:

Applying Walmart profiles in Shipping template on LitCommerce

After creating profiles on Walmart, they will be imported to LitCommerce automatically. You can choose the profile from the list to build a template to list on LitCommerce:

Now you can use the Walmart Shipping Template to publish your products on Walmart. Additionally, you can explore other templates in our tool that can help you manage Walmart more efficiently. You can find them here:

Templates and Recipes

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Updated on: 19/07/2023

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