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Understanding the Dashboard

Let’s take a quick tour of LitCommerce’s main dashboard so you can easily navigate to anywhere you want.

Display Settings

After connecting your Main store and sales channels, you will be redirected to LitCommerce main dashboard. Here you can have a visualization of your business performance, including your total orders, total listings, and more.

You can always see the Settings icon on the right side of the header bar. The display settings allow you to apply responsive font sizes and choose themes for the app.

Apply responsive font sizes: This feature helps make every line of text compatible with all screen sizes (your phone, tablet or desktop). Turn it on to create a friendly interface so you can feel more comfortable using LitCommerce App on the go.
Choose themes for the app: LitCommerce comes with 2 default themes: Light and Dark. Enable Dark theme to have a more visually pleasing experience.

Receive notifications from LitCommerce

The notification will appear as a small tab pop-up and will give an alert whenever a new change happens to your store. New orders across all selling channels are also announced instantly so that you can stay informed and get ready to fulfill them on time.

Check your current running process

Here, you will be able to view the progress of any unfinished actions, displayed as a percentage. For example, you can monitor the progress of importing your products from Main store to the LitCommerce app.

Review recent activities

The Activity feed shows an overview of the activities on your account. You can easily review your unfinished activities and recent activities here.
From the main dashboard, go to Activities on the left menu to access the Activity feed.

This section will show all the actions you have performed with LitCommerce, along with vital information like Channel name, action, status, and date. You can easily keep track of what happened to your store and act upon it.

View your account status

On the left bottom of the dashboard, you can see a small window labeled “My account”. Here you will see the remaining balance of your account as well as your current plan.

Guide to finish your Listing process

Scrolling down to the bottom of the dashboard, you will see an instruction area. This section consists of all necessary steps to finish listing your products to the channel you selected at the beginning.

Each step in the area will contain the instructions and the shortcut to its page. Simply follow the guide as above to publish products to your channel.

Test the connection to your Main Store

This function allows you to view the status of the connection to your main store. This is only necessary in case you encounter unwanted errors and need to troubleshoot. You can test the connection status by clicking the Test connection button and the result will appear next to it.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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