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Solution: when your website's firewall blocks LitCommerce

WooCommerce websites are normally self hosted in sellers' servers. They often have firewalls enabled to protect the website from harmful accesses such as bots, spam and exploit tools. This unfortunately may also restrict LitCommerce from accessing your website. And you will get an error message when trying to connect your website to LitCommerce.
In such situation, please follow the steps below to resolve:

Your website has CloudFlare firewall

In order to connect, LitCommerce will need to access this url:
You can configure CloudFlare's firewall to unlock that url, by following these steps:

Login to your CloudFlare account, and select the current website your woocommerce is hosted

Inside, select Rules > Page Rules from the left menu. And then click on Create Page Rule

In URL, enter And then add these settings: Web Application Firewall: Off, Security Level: Essentially Off, Cache Level: Bypass. Then click "Save and Deploy Page Rule"

And you are ready to go. Now please retry connecting your website with LitCommerce.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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