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Walmart API Limits

Walmart's API has some restrictions which we'll cover here. If you want more details, you can refer to Walmart's own article.


A feed represents data being sent or ‘fed’ to Walmart from LitCommerce. Any time you export the following data, a feed is created:
Product Data (new data or updates)


If you need to send multiple updates to Walmart within a single day, keep the following rules in mind to ensure that all of your updates go through:

Only 10 feeds can be sent per hour. Whether you update a single product or 100 products. Each time you click “Publish to Walmart” one feed is generated. We highly recommend you finish editting all needed listings first and then publish listings in bulk rather than one by one to avoid reaching the feed limit.. Check this screenshot for how to do it:

Publish listings in Bulk

Each feed has a limit on how large it can be, depending on the kind of data being sent. We recommend sending updates in batches of around 300, but the table below illustrates the official limits:

Updated on: 12/08/2023

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