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Some Notes When Publishing Products on Etsy

Some Notes When Publishing Products on Etsy

I. Entering data for products on Etsy, you need to notice:

1. Required information needs to be filled before publishing products to Etsy.

Each marketplace has their own requirements. To publish one product to Etsy sucessfully, Etsy requires filling information for category and shipping. LitCommerce has the category and shipping templates which you can create and apply for the multiple listings at once.

2. The rule of images on Etsy

Etsy only allows up to 10 images. In case the list has more than 10 images, LitCommerce will select the first 10 images to publish. You can choose and arrange the images which you want to publish to Etsy. ( Thêm screenshot )

3. About this item

When you select “Another company or person” and “A finished product”, it has to fill information for Production Partner

Note: Vintage product doesn’t require Production Partner

4. Tags

Etsy allows the maximum 13 tags and each tags has 20 characters

5. Title

No special characters at the beginning, no more than 3 words in all caps. Example name: APPLE IPHONE 14 pro MAX is invalid. The maximum title is 140 characters.

6. Description

Does not support html.

7. The number of variations

70 variations per product option is the maximum on Etsy. You can have up to 2 attributes per listing. If a listing has 2 options, it will have the maximum 4900 variantions

8. SKU

Etsy limits the SKU of products to 32 characters.

9. Editing attribute name

Our tool support to adjust attribute name before upload products to Etsy

10. Price

Does not support MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)
Does not support Price and Sale price

11. Auto renew

When listings are created from LitCommerce, they will be renewed automatically.
Listings will be auto renewed every 4 months. The fee for each new listing or renewing an old listing is $0.2.
Renewal will not end the old listing but the old listing will activate again. Clicking Renew on Etsy admin will not break the link with LitCommerce, the listing will continue to sync without doing anything.


There are 2 types of shipping on Etsy. They are “ Fixed Shipping and Calculate shipping”. When using calculated shipping, it is mandatory to fill in the length, width, weight and height.

II. Other notes:

13. Vacation mode

When setting store to Vacation mode on Etsy, LitCommerce can not list or make any adjustments on Etsy account.

15. Multi-language

Etsy does not support Multi-language

16. Domestic pricing

Domestic price is only supported on Etsy and is not supported by eCommerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace. Therefore it is not possible to sync domestic price.

15. Cancel/Refunded orders

Etsy doesn’t return canceled/refunded orders via API. Therefore,LitCommerce can't sync canceled/refunded orders. When you cancel/refund orders on Etsy, you need to go to the mainstore to update orders’ status

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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