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SEO: Add Backend Keywords

There are 5 sections for adding backend keywords, and a "Platinum Keywords" section if you are a platinum merchant:

Search Terms

Include a list of relevant keywords, considering how customers might search for your product. Mention its unique characteristics and selling points.

Target Audience

Define your product's intended audience, including factors like income, gender, location, and profession.

Subject Matter

Describe your product's visual appearance in detail, utilizing the available 250 characters.

Intended Keywords

Specify the functional benefits of your product and describe the activities, conditions, and situations where it is most suitable.

Other Attributes

If your product has specific qualities or uses, provide additional data to attract valuable leads.

Platinum Keywords (for platinum merchants only)

Utilize this section to enhance customer experience if you are a platinum merchant. Other sellers can skip this part, but adding content here won't hurt.

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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