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Managing variation images on Etsy and eBay

Etsy only allows up to 10 images for one product. Therefore, in case you have more than 10 images, it only takes the first 10 images in the image tab, you can drag and drop to arrange the images they need to the top. If any variant has an image that is not in the first 10 images, it will automatically take the default image (the first image).

For eBay, the platform allows up to 24 images. For variant listing, you can upload 24 images for the parent listing, and are able to upload more by adding the image to each variation.

1. Variations with only one variant attribute.

If the listing variants have only one variant attribute, it will automatically take the image of the variant on the main side. Those variants that are not assigned an image on the main store will also take the first image of the listing as the default image.

2. Variations with more than one variant attributes

Etsy and eBay only allow users to map Variant images using one Variant attribute. With products with more than one variant attribute, you can choose which attribute you would like to map the images based on, using LitCommerce.

Please go to the listing edit page of the listing you want to map on the LitCommerce channel, go to the VARIATION tab and click to MANAGE IMAGE in the top right corner.

A pop-up will show up. From there, you can choose the attribute that you want to map the variant images based on, then choose each value and image corresponding to it.

Once the mapping is completed, please click to OK. Then you can Publish/update the listing to your marketplace from LitCommerce. The variant images will be showing on your marketplace store site corresponding to the attribute that you mapped it to.

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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