Managing variation images on eBay

When listing products to eBay, users can upload up to 24 images in a simple listing. For variant listing, you can upload 24 images for the parent listing, and are able to upload more by adding the image to each variation. If the listing has one variant attribute, the variant image mapping will be imported from Main Store to eBay automatically. However, since eBay only allows variant image mapping for one variant attribute, in the case that the listing has more than one variant attributes, users can assign images for the variations manually on LitCommerce.

In order to assign images for variations manually, please click to a specific listing on the LitCommerce eBay channel and go to 'Manage Variation Images' in Variation tab.

A pop-up will show up and allow you to choose up to 12 images for each variation.

Once the mapping is completed, please Save the mapping, fill in all the neccessary information, then click to Save & Publish to EBay.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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