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List products on Square

This article will introduce some prominent features of Square connection on LitCommerce. You will be able to connect Square as a sales channel at the moment, and soon, as the main store on LitCommerce.


To connect Square with LitCommerce, please go to the "Add/manage channels" section on the left side menu of the LitCommerce dashboard and click on "Add new channel."

Next, scroll down to the Shopping cart section at the bottom of the page, select CONNECT for Square. When you click connect, please enter the channel name on LitCommerce and connect. LitCommerce will automatically connect to the Square account that is currently logged in on that browser.

Once Square is connected, you can use it as a sales channel on LitCommerce. You can list products from the main store to Square or vice versa. When you have products in Square linked to products in the main store, you can keep them synchronized in terms of price, inventory, and orders.

List products on Square

Select products

First of all, you need to create a new draft listing. Please look at the left sidebar menu and navigate to "All products." Choose the products you want to list, and select "Action List products to Channels." You can also choose not to select any products and click "List All Products to Channels" to list all of them as drafts at once.

A popup will appear, please choose Square and click "Add as draft now."

All product data will be copied into draft listings, and from that point, listing data will be maintained separately from the original main store products. Price and inventory modifications can be automatically applied to listings if configured in the channel settings. Other field modifications can be automatically applied to listings using default templates.

At this step, the listing has not been published in your Square store yet. Now it's time to customize your listing information before going live.

When a user adds a draft listing for a channel for the first time, they will see the "Add default template" pop-up window appearing. This is specifically shown only during the initial addition of draft listings. It does not display all templates associated with the channel but only shows the required templates, typically the Category template and Shipping template. The purpose is to assist users in conveniently adding templates to apply information to multiple listings at once.

The templates, once added in this step, will automatically become the default templates and can only be added once using this method.

Users have the option to choose SKIP to bypass the process, and even if SKIP is selected, the pop-up will not appear again when adding listings for the second time.

Edit Draft Listing

Please navigate to the left sidebar menu to find your Square channel, and click on the listing title. An editing page will appear on the screen so that you can enter additional information for your listing draft.


The category from your main store will not be imported to Square automatically. You will need to create the categories on Square first. Once the categories are created, they will be updated to LitCommerce automatically. You will be able to choose the category from both the listing draft and the category template.

Custom Attributes

The custom attribute will be imported from your main store products automatically when listing to Square. If you already have attributes created on your Square with the exact attribute name, they will be transferred automatically from the main store to the Square site. However, for new attributes that have not been created on Square yet, due to a limitation in the Square API, it is possible to import only a maximum of 10 new attributes via the API. In case you want to add more, please go to your Square listing and add them directly.

Publish listings

Once all the information is filled in, please save and publish all your changes to the listing. You can look at the bottom right corner and click on one of the buttons below:

Save & Publish - Save and publish all your changes immediately on Square.

Save Change - Save your changes but stay on the page to continue editing.

If you happen to save without publishing your change, all listing drafts can still go live in bulk with all those changes later by selecting the listings you want to publish in the Sales channel page, then choose action Publish to Square.

Then, your listing will be transferred from the Draft tab to the Active tab correspondingly on LitCommerce.

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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