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List Products on Reverb

List a product on Reverb

1. Select products

Go to All products from the left sidebar menu and tick on products which you want to publish to Reverb. Please note that you can choose the maximum 100 products at once.

Then click on “ List products on channel” and choose Reverb. Finally, you click on “ add as draft now “.

2- Edit drafts

You can apply Reverb templates and recipes to multiple listings to edit them in bulk. From the left sidebar menu, go to your Reverb channel under the Listing section. Select Reverb listings you want to apply templates to by checking the boxes, and click Apply a template.To create templates on Reverb, you can refer at

To edit your listings in detail, simply click on the title of the listing you want to edit.

On the editing page, you can see 6 tabs in total including Identifier, Vital Info, Images, Pricing, Shipping and Category

3. Publish listings

When the editing job is completed, go ahead and publish it on Reverb by choosing the listing you want then hit Publish to Reverb.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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