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List Products on Reverb

How to Publish listing to Reverb

1 - Select Product

To create a new draft listing, firstly, go to All products from the left sidebar menu.

From here, choose the items you want to list on Reverb by checking the boxes. After that, click List products on a channel, then choose Reverb.

The system will then create draft listings on your channel page and redirect you to it. Along with that, you will see a notification Draft listings successfully created. Now you can freely customize your listings before going live.

2 - Edit draft listings

You can apply Reverb template and recipes to multiple listings to edit them in bulk. From the left sidebar menu, go to your Reverb channel under the Listing section. Select Reverb listings you want to apply templates to by checking the boxes, and click Apply a template.
To edit your listings in detail, simply click on the title of the listing you want to edit.
On the editing page, you can see 6 tabs in total including Identifier, Vital Info, Images, Pricing, Shipping and Category

After making all necessary changes to your listing, click on one of three buttons on the bottom right corner to save.
Save & Publish: Save changes and publish listing live immediately on Etsy.
Save & Close: Save changes and close. The listing will be saved as draft.
Save Changes: Save changes and stay at the editing page.
Note: For Reverb listing, there are a few properties need to be defined before going live such as:
Title and description of product in Vital info tab.
Brand, model, currency and condition of product and product’s category, these field can be defined in Category tab or just simply using Reverb Category Template if you already created one on LitCommerce.
In Shipping tab, you could choose your own shipping profile if you have one or more on Reverb. Or you could fill in the form manually.
3 - Publish Listing

When the editing job is completed, go ahead and publish it on Reverb by choosing the listing you want then hit Publish to Reverb.

4 - Manage active listings

Go to your Reverb channel under the Listing section on the left sidebar menu. Click on the Active tab to see listings that are published live on Reverb. You can see all the information like linking status, title, SKU, quantity, price and so on which can help you keep track of the active listings on Reverb.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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