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Import Orders from Amazon to Main Store

Enable Import Orders From Amazon To Main Store

Go to your Amazon channel settings, scroll down to this section to enable:

When you turn on the feature, an Alert will popup to let you know the following info:
By enabling this, LitCommerce will:
Auto import new Orders from Amazon to your Main Store. Order info includes: Item Sku/Name/Price/Quantity, Order Total, Order Date, ...
Order info Does Not Include: Customer info and address, for now. The reason is Amazon particularly restricts access to Customer sensitive data, LitCommerce is working with Amazon to enable this.


Why Amazon does not allow getting Customer Data like other Data and when this is possible?

Due to Amazon strict data policy, it does not open up API access to Customer's Data by default. To get it enabled, we must contact Amazon and ask them for it. Amazon will then ask LitCommerce to provide all necessary information put us through a long validation time before we can get approved. We are working hard to get this done soon as possible.

Will this affect the Order Sync flow in LitCommerce?

Everything will work normally in LitCommerce, Amazon, and your Main Store except when the Orders are imported into LitCommerce and into your Main Store, they lack a few Customer's Data like name, address.

What is a workaround for this at the moment?

There are a few solutions for this:
You can still fulfill your Orders directly on Amazon so you don't need the Customer's Data to be imported into your Main Store.
If you still want to fulfill your Orders from your Main Store, you just need to copy the customer's info and address from Amazon and manually put them into your Orders in Main Store.

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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