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How to connect your Facebook Shop

Setting up your Facebook Shop

Facebook allows you to set up shop on your facebook page. To create a Facebook shop, you will have to add a Shop Tab on the left side menu of your facebook page. Please go to Settings on the top right corner of your page, and click to Templates and tabs on the left column.

When you scroll down to the Tab list, if you do not see the ‘Shop’ tab, please click to ‘Add tab’ down the bottom of the list.

Please find the ‘Shop’ and click ‘Add tab’ to add the Shop tab to the menu.

After that, please go to the Shop tab setting to enable the Shop tab on your page.

Once the Shop tab is installed, please go to the homepage of your Facebook page and click to the Shop tab on the left side menu and set up your shop. You will be able to select the check out method and the currency that you use in your shop.

Once the Shop details are set up, please add a product to your Shop.

Please fill in the needed information of the product and click to ‘Save’ to have your first product added to the shop.

NOTE: If you have done all the steps above and still can not connect your Facebook shop to LitCommerce, please do the extra steps below:
Go to:, and create an account if you do not have one. On the left side menu, please choose the correct account business.
Scroll down to the bottom on the right, at the catalog list, please choose a catalog that you want to sell.
On the left side menu, click to ‘Sell’

It will then show up a Sale Channel menu, please choose Shop

>> Once you complete step 1 & 2, please click to ‘Connect page’ at stage 3 and choose the page you would like to connect.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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