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GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbers)

Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) is one of the numbers used to identify all products sold on Amazon. It is a universal identifier that can be found on the product's packaging or cover, either above or below the barcode. GTINs are unique and universal, making them valuable in identifying a product across different databases, organizations, or countries.

Common GTINs

Multiple types of item identifiers are used internationally and universally, in accordance with the standards of various industries.

Universal Product Codes (UPC) – 12 digits
International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) – 10 or 13 digits
European Article Numbers (EAN) – 13 digits
Japanese Article Numbers (JAN) – 13 digits
Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN-14) – 14 digits


GTINs are the invention and responsibility of GS1, the worldwide, non-profit organization in charge of defining and implementing global standards. Among other things, GS1 offers bar codes (with numbers) for items in many industries and subsequently allows that data to be shared among multiple parties.


Because GTINs are both unique and universal, they are especially useful in distinguishing how one product appears in two distinct databases, even if they are from different companies or countries. Since the 1970s, the Universal Product Code (UPC) has been the primary GTIN in North America, whereas European Article Numbers (EAN) are generally used outside of North America. UPCs may be converted to EANs by prefixing them with "zero" (0). A 10-digit ISBN was originally the standard unique identification for books. ISBNs, however, were raised to 13 digits in accordance with worldwide GTINs, most often with a prefix of 978.

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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