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Etsy: Invalid Shipping Data

You need to revise your weight and dimension details to comply with the chosen Shipping method.

Visit the Etsy dedicated page to understand the requirements for each shipping service.
Note that:
The maximum weight allowed is 70 lbs, with a limit of 16 oz for USPS First Class Package Service and 4 lbs for USPS First Class International Package Service.
The length should be the largest dimension.
Choose a shipping option that is suitable for your item’s weight and dimensions.

If you have a products that doesn’t comply with the shipping service requirements, please, do the following:
Go to the page to edit an error product, switch to the shipping tab and select a manual shipping shipping profile (If you don't have manual shipping yet, create one on Etsy according to the instructions)

Click the button SAVE & CLOSE

Publish Draft to Etsy

Once products are listed, open this product on Etsy, and assign the Calculated shipping.
In this way, you can see in real-time what values Etsy requires you to edit in order to associate your listings with the Calculated shipping.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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