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2023 Change Log

13 Sept 2023

LitCommerce TikTok Shop Integration is now live! All region fully supported: US, UK and SEA.

9 Sept 2023

WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Wix now have Filters before importing.

8 Aug 2023

LitCommerce Etsy Integration now supports Digital Products.
Etsy Digital Product

1 Aug 2023

Shopify Multi Locations now fully supported by LitCommerce. Learn more...

3 Jul 2023

Due to the fact that Bonanza only support really low API call rate, can not support high frequency sync and even identify LitCommerce as "risky" for their API's stability, we realized that Bonanza is not ready for a full feature integration all like LitCommerce and decided to remove Bonanza from our Sales Channel list.

28 Jun 2023

Shopee Integration launched in LitCommere. Find it in Channel connect page.

24 Jun 2023

Added "Auto import new products from Shopify to LitCommerce", enable it in your Shopify Settings

Added "Enhanced product import filter" for Shopify

15 Jun 2023

Activities revamped: Now you can view all sync processes to ensure everything is working fine.

10 Jun 2023

LitCommerce now supports Ebay Business Policies for listing. Details about Ebay Business Policies.

5 Jun 2023

UI updates: Grid/List toggle and Columns toggle have been added to all Channels and Main Store catalog

1 Jun 2023

Added "Sales Report": You can now generate reports for a sepecific time range for Orders Count, Orders Total and Best selling products.
Added "Products Change Log": LitCommerce will detect recent changes of your Main Store product catalog, make it easier to decide what you should update to your Channel listings.
Added "Bulk listing products on Channel" and "Bulk remove products on Channel": Faster operation and better productivity.
Various UI tweaks and optimizations.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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