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2024 Change Log

15 Mar 2024

New feature: LitCommerce has added the Custom Tax Rate configuration in the Order field of the Channel settings.

Orders on the channels usually include tax (collected by the market itself). Enabling Custom Tax Rate will help users separate this tax when importing into the main store.

Tax Rate: The tax rate that users want to set for orders from channels.
Tax Label: The name or description for a specific type of tax, helping users easily identify and differentiate between various types of taxes (The availability of this field depends on the main store users are using).
Add Shipping Tax: If you enable this option, it means the rate above includes tax for shipping.

Note: The Custom Tax Rate option can be paired with the Import Orders Without Tax option. When the user enables both options, the separated tax will be removed from the order when importing into the main store.

19 Mar 2024

Recipes Template adds an additional rule: filter by Metafields/Custom Attributes (display name of the field will depend on the marketplace).This rule will help users assign recipes to listings automatically if the rules are satisfied.

21 Mar 2024

Update on the Variant Image Management feature for eBay listings:
Since eBay allows mapping more than one image per variation (up to 12 images), LitCommerce has updated the variant image mapping interface to make this process more convenient for users.

Steps to map:
Step 1: Select the variant attribute needed mapping.
Step 2: Select a specific variation.
Step 3: Select images to map to that variation.

21 May 2024

New feature: Because eBay limits titles to 80 characters, LitCommerce has a setting to automatically truncate titles to fit within this limit. Titles will be cut word by word so that the final word still makes sense.

22 May 2024

Update Price Rule in Channel Settings: This setting applies when products are listed from the main store to the channel. LitCommerce has recently added the reverse direction where this setting will apply when products are created from the channel to the main store.

For example, if you set up an increase of 10 fixed amounts syncing from main store to channel, then when a product is created from the channel to the main store, it will instead apply a decrease of 10 fixed amounts.

Similarly, for percentage adjustments, the price on the main store will be calculated so that after applying the setting for the main store, the price matches the channel price.

12 June 2024

New feature: Apply Template to all products in all pages at once based on live filters. This checkbox will only appear when selecting all products and there are more than 1 page.

16 July 2024

New Update in Product Change Log: You can now view detailed content adjustments in the Product Change Log by clicking on the product title.

New Update in Google Channel Settings: You can add UTM tracking tags to your landing page URL for easy tracking of the source and medium of traffic to your store. Find this feature in the Marketing & Growth section.

New Features for Google Merchant: Promotions and Local Inventory (beta) are now live. You can add Promotions and Local Inventory feeds to your Merchant Center via LitCommerce.

How to Apply Promotions to Products:
Create a Promotion by filling in the required information.

Enter the Promotion ID to individual products or apply it to multiple products at once.

How to Create a Local Inventory Feed:
Create a Local Inventory feed by filling in the required information.

Add listings to the Local Inventory feed. The feed will be submitted to Google Merchant Center.

Updated on: 16/07/2024

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