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Shopify Multi Locations Setup

What is Shopify Locations

A location is any physical place or on app where you do any or all of the following activities:
sell products
ship or fulfill orders
stock inventory
You can set up multiple locations in your Shopify store so that you can manage stock at different levels, track inventory and fulfill orders from each of the locations. For example, you can have one location in the US and one location in the UK, with two different stock numbers available.
In order to set up your Shopify location, please take a look at:

Syncing data from Shopify Locations to sale channels

You can choose which location you would like to sync data to each sale channel on LitCommerce by choosing the location in your Channel Setting. Data will be synced from the chosen location to that sale channel.

Note: If you enable Order Sync for this channel, orders from the marketplace will be imported and created to that Shopify Location chosen in the channel setting.

Creating products on Mainstore Shopify

Since marketplaces do not support to have Multi - location, when creating listings from marketplaces to Shopify mainstore, you will need to choose a location that you want to create the product to.

The option in the image below will allow you to choose which location you want to create your product listings to.

Updated on: 30/09/2023

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