Data Retention Policy Update: Removing Inactive User Data

LitCommerce will clear all data on LitCommerce account if the account is INACTIVE and has not been logged in for over 3 months. The data clearance will only occur within your LitCommerce account, and will not affect the data on the Main Store, or on any connected Sale channels.

When will your LitCommerce account data be removed?

The system will completely delete the data of a LitCommerce account if it meets one of the following conditions:

The LitCommerce account is a Free account and has not logged into the LitCommerce system for 3 months.
The LitCommerce account is an Expired account, inactive for more than 6 months, and has not logged into the LitCommerce system for 3 months.

How to avoid Data Deletion?

We will send you an email notification 7 days before the data clearance process. To prevent your account data on LitCommerce from being deleted, you can ensure the retention of your data by logging into your account at least once within a 3-month period if your account does not have any Subscription plan on the system.

In case that you do not log into the account or engage in any activities on your LitCommerce account, the data will be removed. This is done to prevent the storage of outdated or incorrect data that has not been synchronized for a while. If you wish to reconnect your account and resume synchronization, you can do so by reconnecting your stores and importing the latest data from your actual stores to LitCommerce at any time.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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